Dear Share fest,May I be considered to have yard work done? This is my biggest burden. My yard is 20 X 70 feet I would guess, that has grass. The front of the house yard is rocked, and is smaller. Both areas need the leaves and twigs picked up and the yard may need to be mowed. If possible, because this is a trailer with skirting, there are some places that animals have created to get under my trailer. There is only four or five small areas that need to be patched on the existing skirting. May be someone may have some scrapes of wood that could be used. I don’t care about pretty.The least important, if possible. I have an old 18′ round above ground pool that has not run in years. I would get rid of it but it holds up the fence when we get the big winds. The big winds we have gotten have torn up the pool cover. I bought a new pool cover for it so it doesn’t look so bad, but I can’t put it on. It just goes over the top and the cable attached gets tightened to keep it on.Thank you for considering my request for your help! Anything you could do would be a blessing. I am a retired individual with a disability on a fixed income.Stay Healthy, Be Safe and God Bless

Project type: yard
Zipcode: 81504

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