Demonstrating the love of Christ to our community

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it happen?

Participating churches and their volunteers decide which day(s) they are going to serve, Saturday or Sunday, during ShareFest Weekend. Volunteers get together in groups, adopt a project, and choose a team leader who, with someone else, visits the project site to evaluate the project and to have the homeowner sign all waivers and releases. The group leader then works with the volunteers to set the time they will meet, determine tools and supplies needed, and prepare any other logistics for the project.

Want to get involved for the first time?

All you need to do is have your Pastor contact us by filling out the Partnering Church form on the website and emailing it to

If you are an individual or small group that just wants to get involved, please fill out the “Partnering Individual” form, also on the website. We will connect with you and place you with an existing team leader and you are on your way to a wonderful serving weekend!

Need Help?

If you need help, you can submit a need by clicking here. Please make sure an email address is included when submitting needs on the website as we do not accept needs that do not have an email address. Only homeowners may request help. Do not submit a need for someone other that yourself as we do not do ‘surprise’ visits.

Once the need is submitted, it will then be approved, or disapproved by ShareFest. If your need is adopted, you will be contacted prior to ShareFest weekend. If you do not receive a call, your project was not adopted.

There is the possibility that during ShareFest weekend, we will have volunteers who want to do additional projects or volunteers who complete their project early. In those cases, we offer the un-adopted projects to these volunteers. So we ask that if your project was not adopted and you still are willing to have people come serve you that weekend, please answer your phone that weekend and you may receive a wonderful blessing of people wanting to do your project.