I have a load to be taken to the dump, if thats possible. My windows badly need washed on the outside, I can still do the inside myself. Cooler needs hooked up for summer. My mailbox post is broken (if I can get a new post and cement)I'm not sure about that yet, if it is even something you can do. I have a small lot that may need to be mowed, but it takes a riding lawn mower to get the job done. I have a small section of fence that needs repaired. My access area needs cleaned up both on 30 Road and on D Road. I surely don't expect to have all this done by you fine folks, this is just a list of things needing fixed around my place and I will be thrilled and greatfull for what ever gets done. Whatever doesn’t get done i’ll deal with as I can. The Share people have helped me out in years past and I can’t begin to tell you how huge of a help you are to me! I am hoping and looking forward to seeing Share fest again this year. Thankyou so much and may God Bless each and everyone of you!

Project type: yard,window,swamp,repairs
Zipcode: 81504

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