Demonstrating the love of Christ to our community


Please Check back with us March of next year.

Here are some examples of what our volunteers are able to do:

  • Raking
  • Weeding
  • Prepare small gardens for Spring
  • General small yard clean up
  • Window washing (single story homes only)
  • Swamp cooler hook up (single story homes only) – (we do not come back in the fall to disconnect swamp coolers)
  • Plant flowers
  • Clean gutters (single story homes only)
  • Light pruning
  • Small paint jobs (small shed, small fence, small decks etc.)
  • Hedge trimming

We are unable to take projects that require a licensed professional such as; tree removal, electrical, plumbing, house or large paint jobs, sprinklers, power washing, or construction.

Submitting a need does not automatically mean your request will be adopted. If your request is approved it will be added to the list volunteers can choose from. There is no guarantee all projects will be adopted; as we are dependent on enough volunteers to provide assistance.

If you are requesting swamp cooler hook up, we do ask that you provide the new pads for your cooler.

If your project is adopted, volunteers will call you for information about your request as well as give you a time and day they will arrive.

If you do not receive a call, this will mean that either your project was outside of our volunteers’ capacity, or we did not have enough volunteers to fill all of the requests this year.