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Need #92

I am requesting work that has been done here previously. I am requesting my gutters to be cleaned out and pushing some of the debris from the roof near front gutters, with a rake. I request someone light in weight because my roof is over 40 years old. A ladder would be needed too. This is a mobile home. Gutters do not completely surround it. I am sorry I don’t know how to measure them, but you all have done this work several times before, maybe someone remembers. Same with the yard. It’s small, but there is surrounding parts that would also have a pile of debris here and there.
Also, I will have piles of yard debris that needs to be hauled off either in one of your tarps, or bags. I will get the piles ready for you, no detail work.
Thank you. I request work to be done after lunch. I have a doctors prescription to be excused from any morning appointments due to a medical illness.
Thank you very much. please call 970-243-5434. I screen my calls, please leave detailed message if I am not available. Best to reach me after one but can leave message if that is all it requires.
I hope you can do my place this year, I really missed you the last two years. Always appreciate your crew and help.